When Do We Stammer Most ?

When taking a deeper look at stammering, it can be hard to pinpoint what the cause of stammering is and what kind of environments cause stammering to occur more. While stammering is a neurological developmental disorder that impacts a person’s ability to speak, there are still environmental effects that can make someone stammer more than usual or make it harder for them to stop.

There are two different types of stammering, developmental, which is more common, and acquired, which is quite rare. Depending on the origin of why someone is stammering, there can be situations of psychological mindsets that will cause someone to have a harder time stopping when they start to stammer. Anxiety, social situations, and emotional states are not the cause of stammering, but they can amplify how much someone is doing it.

When we stammer

In most cases, when you’re trying to speak normally you can. Unless you suffer from stammering like many children and adults do. Have you ever been in a situation where your brain is working far faster than your mouth can process the words? If you don’t suffer from stammering, you can slow yourself down and speak clearly. But if you do suffer from stammering, then you can’t, so the words come out jumbled. It’s as if they get stuck and you cannot get them out. Or you end up repeating them over and over, aka, stammering.

For adults who develop a stammer late in life, this is usually caused by a stroke which results in damage to the brain. Other things like brain injuries, or even PTSD and severe emotional trauma can cause an adult to develop a stammer. There is even a condition called cluttering that will cause your speech to be at such a rapid rate that your brain cannot keep up with what you’re processing. Leading directly to stammering.

Anytime that your brain is moving faster than your mouth can keep up with the words, you’re going to be prone to stammering over the words as you try to get them out. It really is a bad habit that we get into as we process words and communication in our daily lives.

Reasons For Stammering to Occur More

While stammering may occur more when someone is anxious or stressed, those two things are not a direct cause to the development of stammering as a whole but may cause stammering to happen more often in circumstances that make the person stressed or anxious. Children often will stammer more when they are excited about what they are trying to talk about or if they are that to talk in front of the class.

Although when a person stammer depends from person to person but there are many common situations where the probability & intensity of stammering is high. These situations are listed below.

  • While Speaking our name.
  • Answering sudden questions.
  • While talking to strangers.
  • Responding in school or college.
  • Before & during exams due to fear and tension.
  • Answering oral examinations.
  • Interacting with seniors.
  • Interacting with people of high personality.
  • During Interviews.
  • Over the Phone.
  • While buying tickets, inquiry counters.
  • During an emergency situation.
  • In Social gatherings.
  • Speaking before a mass gathering.
  • With parents if they are very strict.
  • During a clash or quarrel with anybody.
  • If anybody charges & accuses you.
  • When describing an incident.
  • While cracking Jokes.
  • When over excited, too emotional or over joyed.
  • If listener does not understand & you have to repeat.
  • When you are in a new & unknown environment.
  • When you are extremely frightened.
  • In a group discussion.
  • If the listener is very rough or rude sounding.
  • When others under estimate you too much.
  • When you apply too much force while speaking.
  • While telling a story.
  • While speaking in a silent environment.

Being in environments that are relaxing help people who stammer be able to take their time when they’re trying to talk. Through the Stammering Cure online program with YouSpeak, people who stammer can do step-by-step activities to help rewire the pathways that engage with speech and language development.  With YouSpeak, people who stammer will have life-long support on their journey to gain more control and confidence over their speech patterns.

If you or a loved one deals with the challenges of stammering, we hope that this overview has been helpful in understanding what stammering is and also in giving hope that a cure does exist.

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